Monday, February 6, 2012

Potty Mouth - superfriends

R.I.P. pastel motel, birthplace of potty mouth!
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  Do you enjoy cold weather and hibernation?  If yes, then you are probably like me and know that February is perfect for discovering bands and making them part of your personal afternoon show - that is, until the ice melts and you eagerly jump on the opportunity to see those bands live and loud.  Given our strangely warm winter this year, I actually had the opportunity to wander out and see this band when they came through here, but for some reason declined.  I have been privately regretting this and kicking myself because they rule.

  Potty Mouth are 4 ladies that are no strangers to cold weather as they hail from Western Massachusetts, a real place of isolation during the winter, but also an historical hot-spot for great bands past and present.  This single, "superfriends," was shortly released after the band's demo dropped this past fall.  On the surface, this draws a lot of influence from the P.N.W Riot Grrrl sound of the '90s, specifically coming to mind is Bratmobile.  If you listen again, you might find something akin to american post-punk, most notably in the singer's banshee pitch changes and the guitar sty-lings.  Either way you look at it, its still punk and next time they come through I'll go see them.  Hey, they're playing this weekend!


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